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Thursday 17 Aug 2017 | 13:43 | SYDNEY
Thursday 17 Aug 2017 | 13:43 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: 'Bosniacs'



4 October 2008 20:39

Thanks to Keith and Hans for pointing out that Senator Biden's use of 'Bosniacs' in the Vice-Presidential debate was not the mistake I took it for. Here's how Hans explains it:

I think Biden may be ahead of the Australian curve on this one. I've just moved to the UK, and was surprised to see 'Bosniac' used very commonly in the British press. Sometimes Bosnian and Bosniac are used interchangeably, but in fact 'Bosniac' turns out to be the term for 'Bosnian Muslim' (as opposed to Bosnian Serb or Bosnian Croat) — at least according to this not-always-reliable source.

UPDATE: According to Global Dashboard, it's 'Bosniak', not 'Bosniac'.