Sunday 25 Feb 2018 | 16:57 | SYDNEY
Sunday 25 Feb 2018 | 16:57 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: DFAT's website



10 February 2010 08:27

I asked for your feedback on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's new website. Here's reader Chris:

DFAT's new site is a considerable improvement. But it still appears to lack an adequate email subscription facility that is offered by, for example, the US State Department. If one can wake up each morning in Australia and scan what Hillary Clinton and other senior US officials have said on key foreign policy issues overnight, and receive State's latest and updated country profiles etc, why can't one get a daily (or weekly summary) email from DFAT with Ministerial speeches, press releases etc?

The RSS facility on the website does not appear to have been updated since mid-January.

As both a PR tool for Australia's foreign and trade policy endeavours, and as a way of projecting DFAT's utility to a broader domestic constituency, introducing such a service would have practical (and possibly consular) benefit.

Perhaps in the future DFAT's site could evolve to include video content — including major speeches by Ministers, or statements to Parliament such as that by Minister Smith on 8 February regarding Burma. This is where many corporate websites are heading to provide shareholders with greater insight into commercial strategy. The same theory can apply to policy thinking and the general public — and as successfully demonstrated in the Lowy Institute website.

Would anyone from the Department care to respond?