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Friday 14 Dec 2018 | 07:19 | SYDNEY
Friday 14 Dec 2018 | 07:19 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: More on Reagan and Gorbachev



18 March 2013 17:30

Simon Gladman responds to Sam Roggeveen's post:

Regarding the Reagan-Gorbachev image...

The failure was not in forgetting to move Gorbachev's flag pin and watch, but instead in the decision by the Lowy Interpreter to even doctor the iconic image in the first place. Surely, it's not appropriate to give designers so much artistic license when handling images of historical importance. It's certainly not good enough for the photo's subjects simply to 'swap seats'. In an age when reality can seem 'unreality' and vice versa, the best we can do is make every effort to portray things for what they are -- handkerchiefs, dangles, flap pins and all. The Lowy Interpreter should reconsider its use of the doctored image, or use the original in its original form.

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