Sunday 25 Feb 2018 | 09:22 | SYDNEY
Sunday 25 Feb 2018 | 09:22 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: Obama's trade policy



25 September 2008 13:35

Judah Grunstein from World Politics Review replies to my post of yesterday about an Obama election spot with protectionist overtones:

Quick word on that ad. Keep in mind it's a message running in Michigan, as in Detroit Motor City, where owning a foreign car is tantamount to taking food off a man's table. So yes, it's obnoxious, but it's a very targeted audience (union auto workers), with little to no implications for Obama trade policy.

But Judah, how can you be so sure that the ad is not perfectly sincere? I'm with Dan Drezner on this one:

My Democrat friends keep insisting that Obama doesn’t mean any of his protectionist rhetoric. But how many ads about “shipping jobs overseas” does it take for one to wonder about Obama’s foreign economic policy? 

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