Saturday 21 Apr 2018 | 09:55 | SYDNEY
Saturday 21 Apr 2018 | 09:55 | SYDNEY

Rudd's maritime motives unclear



11 September 2008 09:24

The more I think about the Prime Minister's recent speech and press conference about defence and regional maritime security, the more baffled I am. What has he achieved? What political interest or policy agenda has he advanced?

If Rudd felt he had to make alarmist claims about an ‘explosion’ in regional defence spending in order to justify a further boost to our defence force you could at least understand his motivation. But he didn’t. He just set regional hares running about an arms race and undermined his diplomatic initiative for an Asia Pacific Community, and for what? To restate a defence spending ambition which has been announced numerous times before. As I said: baffling.

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