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See you in 2016

See you in 2016
Published 23 Dec 2015   Follow @SamRoggeveen

Readers, this is where The Interpreter says goodbye for another year.

My thanks to Emma Connors and Brendan Thomas-Noone, who put The Interpreter together each day, and to the many others at the Lowy Institute and at Twisted Pear who support the site in various ways. Of course, my thanks to the contributors too, who make The Interpreter such a wonderful read and such a privilege to work on each day. And finally, thank you to the readers; we are indebted to you always.

We will see you on 4 January, when normal posting resumes. Until then, you will see regular 'best of' posts on each Australian working day. Best wishes for the season, and see you in 2016.

Photo by Flickr user Matthew Fuentes.

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