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Southeast Asia links: $65m Ho Chi Minh statue, SG50, Myanmar floods and more



11 August 2015 11:08

  • The Myanmar Government has admitted to a weak response to floods which continue to cause havoc. Over a million people have been affected with the number of dead soon to pass 100.
  • UN envoy says she has been denied access to Rakhine state.
  • The ASEAN Foreign Ministerial Meeting ended with few surprises. The Joint Communique is here .
  • As Myanmar's elections draw near, here's an interesting photo reminder of the 1988 uprising.
  • The much discussed chemical weapons ban has come into force in Myanmar.
  • Indonesia's economy has stopped emerging under Jokowi.
  • An excellent paper by Elina Noor looking (from a Southeast Asian perspective) at recruitment of youth to ISIS
  • Why plans for a $65 million statue of Ho Chi Minh are angering Vietnamese.
  • Comedy troupes  in Myanmar.
  • John Kerry told his Vietnamese counterparts that deeper ties depend on human rights improvements.
  • Singapore celebrated its 50th anniversary since independence over the weekend (as explored here). One of the big surprises was the reading of the proclamation of independence by Lee Kuan Yew, recorded before his death.

Singapore's 50th anniversary celebrtions. (Flickr/Benny Ang.)

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