• The Thai junta is trying to downplay a report that attacks are planned this week on over 100 targets in the capital. 
  • Carl Thayer has explained how Russia may be the spoiler in US-Vietnam relations.
  • Anwar Ibrahim's jailing could hurt both the Malaysian prime minister and the opposition, says RSIS' Yang Razali Kassim
  • Peter Chalk looked at the difficulties and processes of bringing the ASEAN Community to life in a new report for ASPI. The Economist looked at why the Community will struggle to implement meaningful integration.
  • Beijing's non-interference policy was tested this week as airstrikes by the Myanmar Air Force hit locations inside the Chinese border. Naypyidaw blamed the rebels (who don't have aircraft). 
  • The head of the Thai junta, Prayuth Chan-ocha, complained about the US stance toward his coup-installed government:

    The East and the West are different. I ask you to tell the US that its one-size-fits-all shirt does not suit everyone. There must be different sizes... 

  • The 'power of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Vietnam has increased dramatically' says ?ISEAS' Le Hong Hiep.
  • A heavy handed crackdown on student protests in Myanmar last week highlighted the slow progress made in reform: