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Southeast Asia links: Boat crisis, Shangri La Dialogue, Danny Russel, HIV and more

Southeast Asia links: Boat crisis, Shangri La Dialogue, Danny Russel, HIV and more
Published 26 May 2015   Follow @elliotbrennan

  • As the boat crisis in Southeast Asia appears to be coming to a resolution, hundreds of bodies were found in 30 mass graves in Malaysia
  • The Philippines has the fastest-growing HIV epidemic in the world, according to the WHO. (Thanks, Malcolm.)
  • US Deputy Secretary of State Danny Russel had a 'full plate' during his Southeast Asia visit last week. His discussions included 'very direct and very candid conversations about the root causes of the migration' and talks on the South China Sea. He also 'dug deeply into TPP issues' (see statement here).
  • Ernest Bower wrote on Ash Carter and the US Economic Strategy in Asia. And a Scene Setter for Carter on this week's Shangri-La Dialogue.
  • As part of IMDEX, RSIS's Richard Bitzinger looked at proxy naval forces in the South China Sea, the role of coast guards, and explored Southeast Asia's naval buildup.
  • A population control bill, which many commentators have rightly noted is aimed to restrict birth control of Myanmar Muslims, was passed in Myanmar's parliament. The US Government noted that the bill, tabled to 'protect race and religion', could provide a legal basis for discrimination. Firebrand Buddhist extremist monk Wirathu said last week the bill could 'stop the Bengalis' (referring to the Rohingya Muslims).
  • ISIS in Malaysia is readying to step up its operations in the country through  kidnapping and robbery, said the Kuala Lumpur police chief this week. 
  • The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam will visit Washington later this month or early June, a first in the relations between the former adversaries.
  •  The New Yorker looked at why the popular musical The King and I was banned in Thailand. (Thanks, Sam.)
  • This installation is part of Australia's gift to Singapore to celebrate the island nation's 50th anniversary.

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