Saturday 16 Feb 2019 | 05:44 | SYDNEY
Saturday 16 Feb 2019 | 05:44 | SYDNEY

Southeast Asia links: Buddhism, ASEAN's moral compass, Malaysia's SCS shift and more



23 June 2015 10:10

  • CSIS's Jacob Thomases looked at Myanmar's communicable disease challenge: a tuberculosis prevalence of 489 per 100,000 (three times the global average and including multi-drug resistant TB) and the highest rate of malaria infection in the world.
  • In Cambodia, 3000 unlicensed doctors were discovered to be practising. 
  • As democracy flails in Southeast Asia, the Philippines has become ASEAN's moral compass, says Zach Abuza.
  • Simon Lewis penned an excellent explanatory piece on the toxic mix between nationalism and religious conservatism in Myanmar. Christopher O'Hara and I looked at the dubious links between the Rohingya and Islamic extremism, and what is behind the stoking of the convenient myth of radicalisation. Also on this topic, over the weekend there was a push by the Ma Ba Tha, one of Myanmar's biggest Buddhist lobbies, to ban the veil in schools.
  •  An excellent and wide-ranging interview with ISEAS's Malcolm Cook and Le Hong Hiep on the politics of South China Sea disputes.
  • RSIS's Oh Ei Sun explained Malaysia's recent assertive shift on the South China Sea.
  • For those who enjoyed last week's video, here's another excellent installment of Farish Noor's award winning documentary Across Borders, which looks at the Myanmar- Bangladesh border and the Rohingya stuck between the two countries.
  • Finally, Myanmar cartoonist Nyan Kyal Say made this short video on education in Myanmar:

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