Thursday 24 Jan 2019 | 04:38 | SYDNEY
Thursday 24 Jan 2019 | 04:38 | SYDNEY

Southeast Asia links: Thai constitution, Myanmar media, Vietnamese comics, ISIS fighters and more



1 July 2014 09:11

  • Edward Barbour-Lacey asks: is  social media in Myanmar contributing to the promotion of hate speech against Muslims?
  • Southeast Asian states continue to raise concern about the threats posed by ISIS. The Malaysian Government was forced to acknowledge allegations of its citizens involvement with ISIS forces.
  • What are the challenges of media reform in Myanmar? The editor of Mizzima gives his view.
  • Circumventing censorship, can Vietnamese comics (popular during the Vietnam war) mimic the success of Japan's manga? 
  • Calling for greater transparency of military budgets in Asia, Shinzo Abe outlined Japan’s commitment to Southeast Asian states  in an opinion piece for Project Syndicate: 'Japan will offer its utmost support for efforts by ASEAN member countries to ensure the security and free navigation of the seas and skies.'
  • Is Myanmar making progress in developing its energy sector? asks Keith Johnson for Foreign Policy.
  • Laos' struggling civil society.
  • An excellent overview of the Cambodian fallout from the Thai coup, by Leng Thearith.
  • An interim constitution will be introduced next month and elections held in October 2015, according to Thailand’s military junta. The Junta has in the meantime set up a watchdog to monitor the media for anti-royal content and 'misinformation'.
  • Thailand, with strong foundations in culture, education and infrastructure, will emerge strong after military rule, argue Deekana Tipchanta and Tilmann Kaiser.
  • The Cambodian minister of commerce spoke to CSIS on labour disputes in the garment industry and the returning en masse of Cambodian migrant workers from Thailand.

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