Saturday 23 Feb 2019 | 17:21 | SYDNEY
Saturday 23 Feb 2019 | 17:21 | SYDNEY

Southeast Asia links: Thai instability, fake Rohingya photos, Jokowi's corruption problem and more



9 June 2015 08:16

  • A rare and important on-the-ground insight from Lindsay Murdoch on the long-running conflict in Thailand's  deep south. 
  • An excellent piece by Shawn Crispin on the rising spectre of instability in Thailand.  
  • BBC Trending exposed the fake pictures of the Rohingya crisis.
  • Drug profits underpin Myanmar's economy, says Thomas Fuller.
  • ISEAS senior fellow and Lowy non-resident fellow Malcolm Cook: the AIIB and ADB demonstrate two very different views of Asia.
  • The NY Times on the first arrival of Australian asylum seekers to Cambodia.
  • A 6.0-magnitude earthquake in Malaysia's Sabah on Friday left at least 16 dead. 
  • Myanmar's speaker of the upper house, U Khin Myint Aung, was the keynote at ANU's Myanmar/Burma Update over the weekend, where he spoke on his country's transition (edited transcript here, video here).
  • Three ethnic armed groups backed out of the bloc negotiating ceasefire agreements in Myanmar.
  • The 2015 Southeast Asian Games kicked off on 5 June (opening ceremony here and other coverage here). It will run for 11 days and include 7000 athletes in 402 events. 
  • Buddhist hardliners will stage an anti-migrant protest in volatile Rakhine state in Myanmar on 14 June.
  • 200,000 people attend cockfights in Thailand each week. Coconuts TV looked at the popular 'sport'. 
  • The Economist on corruption in Indonesia and Jokowi's tough, and largely failed, attempts to curb it.

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