Saturday 19 Jan 2019 | 18:54 | SYDNEY
Saturday 19 Jan 2019 | 18:54 | SYDNEY

Southeast Asia links: Three-finger salutes, Vietnam's new ships, ASSK's 'public disorder' and more



3 June 2014 08:25

  • Carl Thayer walks us through Vietnam's thinking on new strategies to deter China.
  •  Japan's Shinzo Abe looks for greater relations in Southeast Asia.
  • Zachary Keck looks at Southeast Asia's retreat from democracy.
  • In a worrying sign for Myanmar's transition, Aung San Sui Kyi continues to be scrutinised for recent public comments (see an earlier post) about military uniforms in politics, with  one lawmaker saying ASSK's party was provoking ‘public disorder’. 
  • The Preah Vihear temple site dispute resurfaces between Cambodia and Thailand, this time over a fence.
  • Pravit Rojanaphruk, a Thai journalist, spent almost a week in detention under Thai military watch. He describes his ordeal as like being in a ‘Big Brother reality show'.
  • A good round-up by Bangkok Pundit of op-eds and editorial reactions to the Thai coup from around the world.
  • Hanoi will take delivery of Japanese coastguard vessels in early 2015, announced Vietnam's deputy defense minister this week.
  • Zachary Abuza looks at Vietnam’s incomplete military modernisation.
  • Malaysia’s PM visited China for a week-long visit, which included calls for more Chinese business to Malaysia. A notable absence during his visit was any meeting with victims of the MH370 flight.
  • Meanwhile, in Bangkok, the three-finger salute, a sign of dissent against the military Junta, is gaining traction.

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