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Tuesday 11 Aug 2020 | 23:13 | SYDNEY

australia-china relations

Khalid Kidwai: Pakistan gets a new nuclear-weapons chief

In the fifteen years that Pakistan has been an overtly nuclear-armed state, one man has been a near-continuous presence at the heart of the country's weapons program. Now, he's leaving. Artillery officer Lt General Khalid Kidwai was appointed as the first head of the Strategic Plans Division (SPD) in 2000. SPD is a large and powerful secretariat that manages all things nuclear- and missile-related.

India links: Afghanistan, Lokpal, Modi and the state elections, US-India and more

Relations between India and the US have soured this week over the arrest and alleged strip search of an Indian consular official for underpaying a domestic worker in New York. Nitin Pai argues that it's time for diplomacy to take over from law enforcement, and Rajesh Rajagopalan looks at the implications for the US-India relationship.  Why New Delhi must take a comprehensive approach to the Middle East.  Did Narendra Modi contribute to the BJP's recent success in state elections?


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