In the interests of keeping alive the near constant discussion on this site about the significance of China's rise, three disparate but related sources worth flagging:

  1. If you want an easy way to keep up with the very latest writing about China, bookmark Sinocism (or subscribe to the newsletter), which compiles all the best China material daily.
  2. If you're used to thinking about China's military rise as a looming threat to peace, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that countries across the Asia Pacific do not seem to agree with you. At least, that's if you look at regional defence spending, which is at its lowest in at least 25 years.
  3. When Hugh White's The China Choice was first released, few were surprised by the wide and vigorous debate which emerged in Australia. Interpreter readers will remember the excellent discussion on these pages last year. The book has also made it across the seas, and it is causing some ripples, as the latest edition of Security Challenges, the journal of the Kokoda Foundation, makes clear. The editors have brought together a number of international analysts to get their views on The China Choice. Look out in particular for Ralph Cossa's blistering take on Hugh White's thesis. Hugh responds to each critique in his usual affable but unyielding style.