Monday 26 Feb 2018 | 02:57 | SYDNEY
Monday 26 Feb 2018 | 02:57 | SYDNEY

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14 February 2008 15:25

  • Iraq metaphor, anyone?: US Defense Secretary Robert Gates slips and fractures his shoulder. Doctors say it will heal without surgery.
  • Potential bad news for Australia: Obama has protectionist tendencies (or is he just playing to the crowd?)
  • Airbus thinks there's a market for 50 of its A400M military transport planes in Australasia over the next 17 years. They're dreamin'.
  • Spielberg quits the China Olympics because of Beijing's Darfur policies. But surely he could have found other good reasons?
  • How do IT and communications companies make money when so much stuff is free? There are eight ways...

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