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Sunday 20 Aug 2017 | 06:49 | SYDNEY
Sunday 20 Aug 2017 | 06:49 | SYDNEY

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18 March 2010 10:20

  • Apropos of earlier posts on China's currency, here's a US Congressional Research Service report summarising the economic issues.
  • The US State Department has set up Opinion Space, a 'discussion forum designed to engage participants from around the world.' (Thanks to Jane for the link.)
  • Is China hiding its debt? (Thanks to Thomas for the link.)
  • Brookings researcher and Interpreter contributor Laurence Chandy has a new paper out on how the G-20 can help the world's poor.
  • American public broadcaster C-SPAN is putting its entire video archive — Congressional sessions, White House press briefing, committee hearings, the lot — online. Here's the 'Australia' collection.
  • Via Sullivan, a site devoted to captioning pictures of Kim-Jong-Il-looking-at-stuff:

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