Tuesday 19 Feb 2019 | 09:39 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 19 Feb 2019 | 09:39 | SYDNEY

Tuesday links: Merkel's plan for Europe, Israel's nukes, Saudi Arabia's UN snub and more



22 October 2013 17:04

  • 'Probably the profoundest global reshuffle of people’s economic positions since the Industrial Revolution'. A look at global incomes since 1988. (Thanks Philippa.)
  • The Walk Free Foundation has released its index of world slavery.
  • Stephen Walt: 'the surest cure for the self-indulgent insanity of the current Republican Party would be a serious external threat.'
  • Australia worked its backside off to get a non-permanent UN Security Council seat, yet Saudi Arabia just turned one down. Why? FP's David Bosco has more.
  • Countering the mythology: 'even during the darkest hours of the 1973 War...the Israeli national leadership...were not willing to consider even a modest proposal to take action and prepare the nation’s doomsday weapons for a possible demonstration.'
  • The four things we know about how civil wars end.
  • Spiegel says Angela Merkel's third term will be steady on domestic policy, but she has big plans for Europe.

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