The Lowy Institute and leading US think tank the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) present a new video discussion series called 'Views Across the Pacific'. These real-time conversations will feature Fellows from both organisations discussing topical foreign policy issues, providing a fresh global perspective that highlights the unique geographic viewpoints of the experts in Washington, DC and Sydney.

The first in this series is a discussion between Lowy Institute International Security Director Rory Medcalf and Korea Chair at CSIS, Dr Victor Cha. They discuss the state of play with North Korea following high tensions earlier this year. The look at the limits of sanctions (0:34), the challenges of deterrence (2:36), and the role played by the US (6:16), Australia (3:35), and China (7:57) amid Pyongyang's determination to retain its nuclear weapons.

Watch this space for forthcoming videos in the #AcrossthePacific series, including discussions on China's new leaders and the future role of the G20.