Saturday 24 Feb 2018 | 05:24 | SYDNEY
Saturday 24 Feb 2018 | 05:24 | SYDNEY

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18 August 2010 10:30

  • As foreshadowed by Rory on Monday, the new edition of the Pentagon's Chinese military power report has been released.
  • Via the Daily Dish, some stunning colour photos of Depression-era America.
  • Straight talk about Iran: 'The nuke nerds...have failed to contribute effectively to the Iran policy conversation.'
  • The NBN promises faster broadband speeds within Australia, but can it overcome Australia's slow overseas connections'
  • I'm two days late to this, but here's a good piece by The Age's Dan Flitton on AusAID, which hands out grants to pressure groups that urge government to give more money to...AusAID.
  • Journalist and Asia File blogger Ben Bland recommends this Al Jazeera feature on the 18 year-old Indonesian man who blew himself up in the Jakarta Marriott hotel last July.

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