Friday 23 Feb 2018 | 11:36 | SYDNEY
Friday 23 Feb 2018 | 11:36 | SYDNEY

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28 January 2009 13:11

  • Malaysia takes delivery of its first submarine. With a crew of just 31, they might avoid the crewing problems suffered by Australia's sub fleet.
  • The world's first openly gay head of government.
  • What we have to look forward to: some historical data on unemployment, debt and deficits in previous financial crises.
  • The Economist profiles a new generation of dismal scientists.
  • A survey of economic stimulus packages around Asia.
  • Kevin Rudd wishes China a happy new year, as only he can.
  • A very funny letter of compaint from a Virgin airlines customer to Sir Richard Branson. It includes pictures of something resembling food.

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