I've been asked to participate in the Sydney Morning Herald's Google Hangout with Julian Assange on Wednesday at 12.30pm. Along with host Tim Lester and a few other guests, I'll be quizzing Julian Assange, who of course will join us from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. The discussion will be streamed live and no doubt recorded too.

Personally, I'm desperate to get Assange's views on the Decision Review System, but it occurred to me that our readers might have some more pertinent questions to ask, not just about WikiLeaks and its implications for governments and international diplomacy (check out our 2010 debate on WikiLeaks for a refresher on the issues), but also about the WikiLeaks Party, which has candidates standing for the Australian senate in this election, including Assange himself.

You can email me (blogeditor@lowyinstitute.org) with your question or make a suggestion on our Facebook page. It's a 45-minute event and no doubt there will be loads of questions coming in (the SMH is crowdsouring too), so I can't guarantee I will ask yours. But I will look at them all.

Photo by Flickr user Carl Gardner.