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Tuesday 20 Feb 2018 | 15:23 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 20 Feb 2018 | 15:23 | SYDNEY

What's the blogosphere saying about Tibet?



17 March 2008 12:13

Not a lot, evidently. In situations like this, where big media is shut out of a story, citizen journalists using blogs to get a message out are supposed to have the inside running. But evidently, they cannot overcome China's internet censors — the Atlantic Monthly's James Fallows, who lives in Beijing, reports that he cannot access web content about Tibet without using work-arounds. Another good English-language China blog reports that YouTube has been blocked. As Fallows said in his Atlantic Monthly story on Chinese internet censorship, it's not that the firewall is unbreachable, but more that it makes getting uncensored news too much trouble for most Chinese to bother.

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