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The XXXX summit?



16 February 2012 16:06

A few readers have alerted me to this Timothy Garton Ash column in The Guardian lauding Kevin Rudd's performance at the recent Munich Security Conference. The punchline to the column:

So Xi and Barack Obama should now plan to take a joint summer retreat on the coast of Australia, guided by Rudd, with a snorkelling trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Full-blown, Castlemaine XXXX mateship between Chinese and Americans may be too much to expect, but it is essential for them to open a frank, strategic conversation about global values and the foundations of international order.

I'm not sure the world is ready to see Rudd, Obama and China's next leader Xi Jinping in their budgy smugglers, so maybe a glass-bottomed boat would be the more appropriate thing. But Obama, for one, has already shown a predilection for beer summitry.

Photo by Flickr user grun2000. Thanks to World Politics Blues, among others, for the tip-off.

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