Wednesday 24 May 2017 | 21:47 | SYDNEY
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24 May 2017 11:29

Indonesian democracy: Down, but not out

Jakarta's governor Ahok has been jailed for blasphemy, but that doesn’t mean Islamists are on the march in Indonesia.

24 May 2017 11:29

Indonesian democracy: Down, but not out

The imprisonment on blasphemy charges of Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, better known as Ahok, has been a blow to hopes that his earlier success in public office represented the emergence of a more pluralist politics in Indonesia. There is little question that the accusation that Ahok had...

24 May 2017 8:07

No, wait! Globalisation makes a comeback

The hilltop Sicilian town of Taormina is best known for its medieval buildings, the ruin of an immense Roman theatre, a disturbing view of Mount Etna smoking nearby, and a pasta sauce made with eggplant. In recent weeks the tourist town has also been cluttered by bored, heavily armed carabinieri as...

23 May 2017 16:34

Review: 'By More Than Providence', by Michael Green

Michael Green has produced a masterful and much-needed book. Elegantly written and lucidly argued, By More than Providence: Grand Strategy and American Power in the Asia Pacific Since 1783 is the first book in more than 90 years to tell the story of America’s strategic engagement in Asia over the...

23 May 2017 14:10

Countering China’s submarine operations in South Asia

As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Sri Lanka earlier this month, reports emerged that the Sri Lankan government had turned down China's request for a submarine docking in Colombo harbor. Beijing, apparently, wanted one of its submarines (ostensibly on its way to the Gulf of Aden for '...

23 May 2017 12:59

Europe’s mixed views on China’s Belt and Road

China’s Belt and Road summit is over but the Chinese narrative is only just getting started. In a video released by the state-owned media outlet China Daily, a Western father tells his daughter a BRI bedtime story: 'China’s idea does not only belong to China. It belongs to the world'. Yet the world...

23 May 2017 11:59

Why Trump’s Middle East trip matters to Australia

There are two reasons why US President Donald Trump’s visit to the Middle East matters to Australia. First, the President’s visit to Saudi Arabia, where he also held a summit with Arab leaders, and Israel are a signal of where the administration’s foreign policy priority lies, and this does not...