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Wednesday 07 Dec 2016 | 19:37 | SYDNEY
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07 Dec 2016 10:57

Renzi's referendum and the future of the euro

Sold as a celebration of European unity in diversity, the euro is today experienced as an instrument of brutal homogenisation.

07 Dec 2016 10:57

Renzi's referendum and the future of the euro

On Sunday, Italians resoundingly rejected the constitutional changes put to them by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Formally, the referendum sought to curtail the powers of the Senate (Italy’s upper house). But despite arguments to the contrary, the real question was: ‘How much pain are you...

07 Dec 2016 9:23

Why Trump shouldn't weaken US sanctions on Russia (part 1)

Donald Trump’s election has caused consternation among almost every mainstream group of policymakers in Washington. Chief among them are those who advocate for a strong US posture against Russia, and the continuation of economic sanctions on Putin’s Russia that has defined the Obama administration'...

06 Dec 2016 17:17

Why Chinese economic diplomacy is working in Southeast Asia

By Angela Han, an intern with the Lowy Institute's East Asia Program. When President Rodrigo Duterte stood in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing this October and announced that 'Duterte of the Philippines is veering towards China', he received thunderous applause. After going on a tirade...

06 Dec 2016 15:47

Book review: Saudi Arabian Foreign Policy: Conflict and Cooperation

As a scholar of contemporary foreign policy in Saudi Arabia, I am starkly aware of the decoupage nature of researching in the field. Work detailing the external relations of the Gulf state is spread across an eclectic array of individual journal articles, book chapters and conference papers, with...

06 Dec 2016 11:23

'First we take Aleppo, then we take Idlib'

The gradual isolation and strangulation of Aleppo is part of a much broader strategy that has taken shape over the past year, albeit in the case of Aleppo on a much different scale. The actions follow a familiar pattern: encirclement; cutting off military and life support functions; limited...

06 Dec 2016 9:13

Unbundling globalisation

Brexit and Trump’s victory have caused a reassessment of economists’ rose-tinted vision of globalisation. Richard Baldwin’s The Great Convergence provides another perspective on what has happened and why it has not turned out to be as universally beneficial as was promised. Baldwin sees the...