Saturday 29 Apr 2017 | 15:32 | SYDNEY
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28 Apr 2017 13:19

What’s next for Nauru?

The economic uncertainty that faces Nauru when offshore detention inevitably ceases again is another chapter in an unfolding experiment of statehood.

28 Apr 2017 13:19

What’s next for Nauru?

Earlier this month President Baron Waqa of the Republic of Nauru visited Australia, the first state visit of a Nauruan president in twenty years. According to Nauru's Government Information Office, the purpose of President Waqa's visit was to meet with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to discuss...

28 Apr 2017 9:19

France’s Pacific territories are watching the election too

The results of the first round of the French presidential elections create new uncertainties for the French Pacific, particularly for Australia’s close neighbour New Caledonia, which is facing a critical independence referendum by the end of 2018. As in past presidential elections, in the two...

27 Apr 2017 16:59

North Korea: ‘A most enterprising country’

A myth told and re-told in the West is that North Korea, a 'hermit kingdom' and 'pariah state', is cut off from the outside world. North Korean people suffer indescribable isolation, socially, politically and geographically. But as Justin Hastings, Associate Professor in International...

27 Apr 2017 9:10

Suu Kyi’s Myanmar, one year on

Twelve months ago, Aung San Suu Kyi was appointed State Counsellor of Myanmar, becoming the de facto leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD) Government that swept to power in (relatively) free and fair elections in 2015. Over the past several weeks, both the government and Suu Kyi herself...