Tuesday 27 Jun 2017 | 06:40 | SYDNEY
Long reads
22 Jun 2017 17:46

Who will abandon Taiwan next?

A ‘cascade’ of countries flowing from Taipei to Beijing isn't likely any time soon. Nonetheless, the question remains – who’s next after Panama?

26 Jun 2017 10:30

South China Sea: US policy must begin at home

Earlier this month, in his speech at the Shangri La Dialogue, US Defense Secretary James Mattis twice declared that China’s assertive conduct in Asia to be ‘unacceptable’. That is tough language – tougher then Washington has used before -  and it raises the question of what he plans to do...

26 Jun 2017 9:26

The tragedy of Otto Warmbier

Earlier this month, an American tourist to North Korea, Otto Warmbier, died of injuries suffered in detention in that country. The cause of his death is not yet clear. But it appears the North Koreans medically mistreated him in such a way that he suffered major brain damage. My guess is that...

23 Jun 2017 15:57

A revived Quad won't help Australia

The resurrection of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QSD), a proposal that would bring Australia into a strategic grouping with India, Japan and the US, has again been floated, this time in ministerial talks between Australia and Japan in Tokyo. Australia has a perfect right to form...

23 Jun 2017 13:16

Predicting PNG’s election

The PNG national elections are upon us, and for a brief moment the attention of regional and global media will be focused on this vibrant and costly celebration of democracy. The issues leading into the elections have been well documented by myself and others. Bal Kama's recent piece for The...