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Saturday 27 May 2017 | 02:37 | SYDNEY
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26 May 2017 14:17

'Dizzy with Success': What Putin thinks of the Trump ascendancy

Putin must now be tempted to suspect that God is a Russian; or at least on the side of his righteous and much maligned compatriots.

26 May 2017 9:12

G7: A European summit with a global agenda

Donald Trump is on the road, escaping from Washington. His next main stop is in Sicily, today and tomorrow, where he will attend the 2017 G7 leaders’ meeting. These are highly orchestrated events. Every official, every journalist (around 4000 of them) and even every leader is expected to stick...

25 May 2017 17:30

Tsai passes first-year test, but challenges loom

One year has elapsed since Tsai Ing-wen was inaugurated on 20 May. This article assesses her administration’s performance in three specific foreign policy areas - cross-Strait relations, relations with the US, and relations with the broader international community - and briefly touches on her...

25 May 2017 12:11

TPP: With one down, can 11 stand?

Reports of the death of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) were exaggerated – or at least premature. Move over a TPP of 12 nations (TPP12) and make way for TPP11, the lower number reflecting the withdrawal of the US from the agreement. When President Trump withdrew the US from the TPP in January...

25 May 2017 9:33

Denying terrorists freedom of association

We are all appalled by the bombing in Manchester and it is hard to think of anything we can learn from this tragedy that we didn’t already know. We know radical Islamist terrorists continue to harbour a desire to kill innocents going about their normal business. We also know western societies...

25 May 2017 8:35

Australian refugee policy: Twists in the tale

On the airwaves this week, Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton continues to describe asylum seekers who are yet to submit their protection applications as 'fake refugees'. The Minister’s comments ignore the fact that government policy actually prevented these 7500 people from applying...