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Saturday 24 Jun 2017 | 10:07 | SYDNEY
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22 Jun 2017 17:46

Who will abandon Taiwan next?

A ‘cascade’ of countries flowing from Taipei to Beijing isn't likely any time soon. Nonetheless, the question remains – who’s next after Panama?

23 Jun 2017 13:16

Predicting PNG’s election

The PNG national elections are upon us, and for a brief moment the attention of regional and global media will be focused on this vibrant and costly celebration of democracy. The issues leading into the elections have been well documented by myself and others. Bal Kama's recent piece for The...

23 Jun 2017 11:23

Russia is weaker than it looks

G7 leaders recently agreed to maintain their sanctions on Russia imposed over its belligerence in the Ukraine. The sanctions are there to punish Russian aggression and deter any further territorial expansion. But the debate over how to restrain Russia often misses a clearer understanding of the...

23 Jun 2017 8:08

Lowy poll: Are we losing faith in democracy?

With every new Lowy Institute Poll since 2012 has come another round of worry about the state of democracy in Australia. For the last five years we have asked Australians about their views of democracy when compared to other systems of government. Here's the summary of the responses, from the...

22 Jun 2017 17:46

Who will abandon Taiwan next?

Earlier this month Panama established formal ties with the People's Republic of China (PRC) immediately after severing diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (ROC), as Taiwan is officially known. The question that is now being insistently, even fastidiously, asked is which state will be...

22 Jun 2017 15:08

#WorldRefugeeWeek: How Australians feel about refugees

Results from the 2017 Lowy Institute Poll reveal how Australians feel about refugees being settled in Australia. Almost half (48%) of the 1200 Australians surveyed believe that refugees currently in Nauru and Manus Island detention centres should never be settled in Australia (versus 45% who agree...

22 Jun 2017 11:20

Greek debt: kicked down the road yet again

It is almost eight years since the Greek debt crisis began. Now, with Greek GDP 25% lower than at the start of the crisis and nearly one quarter of the work force unemployed, the European creditor countries have once again failed to reschedule the debt in a way that would be sustainable and allow...