Wednesday 20 Feb 2019 | 17:37 | SYDNEY
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  • 20 Feb 2019 16:00

    Courting change in Malaysia

    A combination of progress and hesitation is evident under Malaysia’s new rule, amid fear political turmoil will drag on.

  • 20 Feb 2019 14:00

    Responding to cyber attacks: resilience and transparency is key

    Yes, Australia’s security was tested, but keeping it secret won’t help the public accept inevitable dangers to networks.

  • 20 Feb 2019 12:30

    Demystifying Kashmir

    The readiness of India and Pakistan to hurl accusations – and maybe worse – ignores injustice and poverty on the ground.


Upcoming Events
20/Feb Wednesday
Location: Parkes

The Interpreter 2019 World Politics Trivia Challenge

The Interpreter is pleased to invite you to the 2019 World Politics Trivia Challenge on Wednesday, 20 February. This is a fun night that brings together Canberra’s public servants, diplomats, students, academics and journalists where emcee Chris Uhlmann tests who is the biggest
Location: Parkes
Start: 18:45 - End: 21:30
25/Feb Monday
Location: Sydney

Syria in 2019

The recent decision by United States President Trump to withdraw US forces from Syria has again focused attention on the ongoing Syrian civil war. The move has been heavily criticised by many in and outside the US, although others have questioned what purpose the forces were serving inside
Location: Sydney
Start: 12:45 - End: 13:45
6/Mar Wednesday
Location: Sydney

Britain's Brexit confusion

The United Kingdom faces a fast-approaching but possibly flexible deadline to leave the European Union on 29 March. What are the underlying reasons for the UK’s ambivalence about Europe? Why are both the main political parties split on this subject? Can Prime Minister Theresa May secure a deal
Location: Sydney
Start: 12:45 - End: 13:45
7/Mar Thursday
Location: Sydney

Women in the era of strongmen

The Lowy Institute invites you to a special event to celebrate International Women’s Day. Today is the era of the “strongman”, as a new wave of authoritarianism spreads across the globe. In countries as diverse as Russia, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Poland, Brazil, Papua
Location: Sydney
Start: 17:45 - End: 20:00
25/Mar Monday
Location: Sydney

Aus-PNG Network – Sydney social evening

Please join us at the Lowy Institute in Sydney for the first Aus-PNG Network social evening of the year. We are pleased to be hosting a delegation of women leaders from PNG for a roundtable discussion on politics and current issues. This is a great chance to make connections with people who have an
Location: Sydney
Start: 17:30 - End: 19:30

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