Think20 papers 2014: policy recommendations for the Brisbane G20 Summit

5 December 2013   |   Speeches and Conferences   |   By Mike Callaghan AM and Hugh Jorgensen

On 1 December 2013, Australia began its twelve-month presidency of the G20, a role that will culminate with the chairing of the Brisbane G20 summit, 15-16 November 2014. The ‘Think20’ is a network of think tanks and academics from G20 countries that are working to provide an important analytical input into the G20 process.

The first Think20 meeting was held under the Mexican G20 presidency in 2012, the second under the Russian G20 presidency in 2013. With support from the Australian government, the first Think20 meeting under Australia’s G20 presidency will take place on 11 December 2013.

Participants in the December meeting have authored a paper on one (or more) of the following four themes, that make up this collection*: 

  • The G20 economic/finance process
  • Trade liberalisation 
  • Financing for investment/infrastructure 
  • Development. 

Each author was asked to identify, in their chosen area, specific actions and achievable outcomes that the G20 should pursue in 2014. 

A discussion on these policy recommendations will take place at the 11 December Think20 meeting, the outcome of which will be submitted to G20 Sherpas. It is hoped that Think20 participants will maintain an on-going dialogue on the issues contained below throughout 2014 and beyond.







*Four papers included below are not contained within the Think20 Papers 2014 PDF, these are Christophe Destais' 'The international monetary system as a swap nexus', Karel Lannoo's 'The G20, five years on', David Shorr, Drew Kodjak and Sheila Watson's 'Global Fuel Economy Initiative' and Joshua Busby's 'The G20 and Climate change – beyond goal-setting at Brisbane'.

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    The G20 economic/finance process

    Trade liberalisation


    Financing for investment/infrastructure


    Appendix: Participants, abbrievations, about the G20 Studies Centre, about the editors