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The annual Lowy Institute Poll is one of the Lowy Institute’s flagship publications. It is the leading tracking survey on Australian foreign policy, providing a reliable vehicle for understanding Australian attitudes towards a wide range of foreign policy issues, while being independent and methodologically rigorous. Over the course of the past decade the Poll has uncovered significant shifts in public sentiment, including towards our most important neighbours and partners. It has tracked attitudes on contentious international issues ranging from climate change to war in the Middle East.

The annual Poll is entirely funded by the Lowy Institute to ensure its ongoing independence, and its questionnaire and results are thoroughly reviewed by one of Australia’s most experienced polling experts, Sol Lebovic, the founder and former managing director of Newspoll. Data sets are deposited with the Australian Social Science Data Archive where they are available free of charge for public scrutiny.

To explore the most recent Lowy Institute Poll interactive site, click here or click the button on the sidebar.

Alternatively, to download the full poll PDF reports for each year, click below:

The Lowy Institute Poll 2016

The Lowy Institute Poll 2015

The Lowy Institute Poll 2014

The Lowy Institute Poll 2013

The Lowy Institute Poll 2012

The Lowy Institute Poll 2011

The Lowy Institute Poll 2010

The Lowy Institute Poll 2009

The Lowy Institute Poll 2008

The Lowy Institute Poll 2007

The Lowy Institute Poll 2006

The Lowy Institute Poll 2005

In addition to its Australian polling program, the Lowy Institute has conducted influential polls in several of our most important neighbours in Indo-Pacific Asia, including India (2012), Indonesia (2006 and 2011), New Zealand (2007 and 2012), China (2009) and Fiji (2011).

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