Thursday 24 Jan 2019 | 17:04 | SYDNEY
Thursday 24 Jan 2019 | 17:04 | SYDNEY

China links: Dirty air, Mongolia, Latin America, Chinese Dream and more



26 March 2014 10:29

  • Some Chinese see uncomfortable parallels between Crimea now and Mongolia in 1945.
  • China's rapidly increasing investment, trade and loans in Latin America may be entrenching high-carbon development pathways in the region.
  • Not China-specific but still China-relevant: WHO Report shows tainted air kills more than AIDS, diabetes.
  • US and Chinese interests in Afghanistan are 'now in almost complete alignment', according to US State Deparment official. China needs the US in Afghanistan.
  • Where does Japan fit in China's 'new type of great power relations'?
  • New CNAS report: China is pursuing tailored coercion in maritime disputes by 'dialling up and dialling down coercive diplomacy and blending it with diplomacy, trade and other forms of engagement.'
  • Here's a neat tool that tests URLs to see if they are blocked by China's great firewall. (The Interpreter is not blocked)  (Thanks Brendan)
  • In the video presentation below (10:10 – 36:00), Akio Takahara of Tokyo University argues that China's behaviour in maritime disputes has much to do with domestic politics. Some other points of interest (among many):
    • Xi Jinping's consolidation of power is shaking the party in a violent way which is leading to a tense political environment. Even if Xi Jinping win his consolidation battles, the party still may not be to be able to unify (11:50 – 14:15).
    • The stratification of Chinese society means that is now harder for a person to move up in society than it was in the 1980s: 'The Chinese Dream is almost shattered' (17:00).

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