About The Interpreter

The Interpreter features daily commentary and analysis on international issues. The site is edited by Daniel Flitton and research editor Clare Caldwell, along with founding editor Sam Roggeveen.

In keeping with the spirit of the Lowy Institute, The Interpreter has a strong commitment to analytic integrity. Our editorial stance is independent and non-partisan, with the aim of informing and strengthening discussions about international policy.

The Interpreter is open to pitches from analysts and writers. We accept drafts of up to 850 words, written for an audience interested in world affairs, yet not necessarily subject specialists. The tone is op-ed style, rather than news reportage.

A distinctive, original point of view, with a focus on policy solutions or risk projections, is highly valued. We aim to avoid unnecessary jargon, theory, name-checking and the clichés that often feature in foreign affairs writing.

Please note:

  • Submissions should be sent in a Word attachment.
  • References/backup sources are requested where relevant, with embedded hyperlinks (no footnotes, endnotes or floating URLs).
  • Drafts are subject to editing for style, clarity and length.
  • Headlines, illustrations and other page elements are the prerogative of the Interpreter editors.
  • Original articles only – we do not run reprints, but we do allow other publications to carry Interpreter articles with permission and acknowledgment.

First-time contributors should include a brief biographical note with relevant academic and professional qualifications.

Please send an email to interpreter@lowyinstitute.org if you’d like to contribute, after reviewing the Terms of Use.


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