Thursday 29 Jun 2017 | 17:17 | SYDNEY
Long reads
27 Jun 2017 08:45

Hong Kong 20 years after the handover: Locked in stasis

Never has the hand of the Beijing state apparatus been more visible in the city.

29 Jun 2017 9:40

A silver fern lining to Fitzgerald collision

In every crisis lies opportunity, so the saying goes. The collision of the guided missile destroyer (DDG) USS Fitzgerald with a Philippines-registered cargo ship, near Japan on 17 June, was a human tragedy, killing seven US sailors in circumstances that defy easy explanation, but which underline...

28 Jun 2017 11:59

A new argument for American global leadership

Jake Sullivan, a former senior foreign policy adviser to Hillary Clinton, is the Lowy Institute's 2017 Distinguished International Fellow. This article is based on a lecture delivered at the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia on 15 June. Three basic premises that formed the foundation of...

28 Jun 2017 8:48

Modi-Trump meeting: Signs of continued convergence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inaugural visit to the Trump White House this week was fraught with uncertainty, with recent irritations in the relationship (visas and climate change), a softening in US policy on China, and tension between Trump’s transactional instincts and the longer-term approach...

27 Jun 2017 17:54

What did we learn from the Asian crisis?

Twenty years ago next weekend, the Thai authorities abandoned their costly defence of a fixed exchange rate, allowing the baht to float. Thus began the Asian crisis, which brought to an end the Asian Miracle era for the countries involved. Not only did Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea suffer...

27 Jun 2017 16:21

Media scrutiny of China is critical for Australia

In responding to recent media coverage of Chinese communist party influence over Australia’s institutional infrastructure ('Where have all the grown-ups gone on China policy?', Australian Financial Review), former Ambassador to China Geoff Raby makes an important point. The issue is not the recent...