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China links: Drones, Afghanistan, GDP benchmarks, South Africa and more

China links: Drones, Afghanistan, GDP benchmarks, South Africa and more
Published 17 Dec 2014   Follow @dvanderkley

  • Arthur Kroeber writes that Xi Jinping has made some progress on economic reforms and that the Party regime is still 'strong, increasingly self-confident, and without organized opposition.'
  • Like many countries, China is grappling with how to ensure privately owned drones don't interfere with commercial airspace.
  • How Walmart made its crumbling China business look so good for so long.
  • Linda Jakobson argues in a new Lowy Institute report that China's approach to maritime security will be unpredictable as it continues to be shaped by a diverse set of actors pushing their own agendas. 
  • Bonnie Glaser responded to Jakobson by contending that the greatest challenge in the South China Sea is  Beijing's determination to advance its sovereignty claims.
  • Hu Shuli states that it is time to move past GDP benchmarks as a the primary measure of China's economic development.
  • Latest Sinica podcast on China and South Africa.
  • China offers to send a working group to Afghanistan to discuss the development plan for Afghanistan's national infrastructure.
  • This short film  follows a Beijing intellectual who, going against the tide of urbanisation (the film claims that 300 villages disappear every day in China), leaves the capital in search of a quieter and cleaner setting for his family in rural Anhui:


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