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Jose Sousa-Santos

Jose Sousa-Santos is Director of JKLSS Stratcon. He is also a former Intelligence Analyst with the New Zealand Police and the former Lead Analyst with the United Nations Joint Mission Analysis Cell in Timor-Leste. He has served in the Australian Army in several roles, and has previously held positions as Advisor to the Acting Prime Minister and President of Timor-Leste, His Excellency Dr Jose Ramos-Horta. He has worked closely with the US SOCOM, DEA and NCIS on transnational crime in Southeast Asia/the Pacific and has facilitated recent multi-stakeholder workshops for the United Nations Development Programme and the Pacific Islands Forum on private security in the Pacific, and is currently engaged in mapping transnational crime in the region. He regularly contributes to IHS Jane’s on Asia Pacific security and defence issues and other publications include ‘Acting West, Looking East: Timor-Leste’s Growing Engagement with the Pacific Islands Region’, in Regionalism, Security and Cooperation in Oceania; ‘Mapping Gangs of the Pacific: The Nexus between Transnational Crime and Local Security Actors’ (forthcoming); ‘Shadows of the State: Timor-Leste’s Private Security’, in an edited volume mapping private security in the Pacific. Mr Sousa- Santos is currently completing a Masters in International Relations at Victoria University, Wellington.