Alisha Price writes:

A short note to let you know that I am one of many who are in support of the anti-poaching work that Sea Shepherd is doing in the Southern Ocean as well as the other reserves and sanctuaries they seek to protect. I agree with the response Captain Paul Watson has written to James Goldrick, and place the safety of endangered whales above the inflated political alarms Goldrick seeks to set off. It is time for the Japanese to wake up and put down the electrocution harpoons as there is no room for, and no need for them in the 21st century.

Kyle Russell:

If the work that Sea Shepherd is doing is not helping why do the whalers keep on blaming Sea Shepherd for their low catch?

Andrew Johnson responds to Gary Hogan's post about Papua:

Just thirteen years after the United States of Indonesia achieved United Nations recognition, President Sukarno dedicated his Republic to freeing the people of Papua from the yoke of Dutch rule. In 1969 President Suharto declared Papua would enjoy autonomy, President Megawati promised special autonomy in 2001, and today there is no doubt of President Yudhoyono's aspirations for a prosperous Papua.

But could Jakarta have run out of time? With OPM becoming live to the prospect that West Papua may have been an United Nations trust territory since the General Assembly and not the Security Council approved the 1962 agreement for administration of the colony, it may be too late to avoid the UN membership asking the same question.