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Aid & Development links: Bill Gates on Trump’s cuts, AI challenges, the NZ election and more

This week's links also include warnings of a 'human catastrophe' in Myanmar and tracking progress against sustainable development goals.

Photo: Statsministerens kontor/Flickr
Photo: Statsministerens kontor/Flickr
Published 18 Sep 2017   Follow @jonathan_pryke

  • Aid officials fear a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ is unfolding in Rakhine State in Myanmar as the government has effectively implemented a blockade of their efforts in the region.
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has released a new report, which will become an annual project, to track the patchy progress in achieving 18 of the Sustainable Development Goals the Foundation believes are key to reducing extreme poverty.
  • At the launch of the report, Bill Gates warned that charities and private philanthropies will not be able to plug the gap of President Trump’s proposed sweeping aid cuts.
  • The UK's Department for International Development (DFID) was created 20 years ago. The Overseas Development Institute has released a paper assessing its results agenda over that period. A summary blog from the authors is available here.
  • Shahid Yusuf discusses the potential challenges that automation, AI, and other digital technologies will pose for tried and tested development strategies in emerging economies.
  • The New Yorker profiles a new economics curriculum compiled by a consortium of economists that is modern, comprehensive and freely available online. 
  • David Evans provides a summary of recent discussions about how to effectively communicate development research to policy makers.
  • In the lead-up to the New Zealand elections, Jo Spratt takes a look at the international development promises from each of the major parties.

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