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Aid & Development links: Seasonal work, the Gates letter, ADB research and more

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Photo: Flickr/Alex Proimos
Photo: Flickr/Alex Proimos

  • The Australasian Aid Conference took place in Canberra last week, with more than 350 participants and 100 speakers in attendance. You can watch a livestream of the plenary sessions from the two days, including Julie Bishop’s opening address.
  • Roby Alders has won the inaugural Mitchell Humanitarian Award, which recognises Australians and others supported by Australian aid who have made an outstanding contribution to development.
  • In a female dominated industry, Australian development NGOs still have a gender problem at the top.
  • The Lowy Institute has launched a major report on the Asian Development Bank. You can watch a livestream of a discussion of the report here (2:16:30 start) and a summary on the Interpreter here, with more discussion to follow on the Interpreter in the coming weeks.
  • This year’s Bill and Melinda Gates letter is structured as a reply to their (often silent) partner Warren Buffett. As always it’s a fascinating and well-communicated read.
  • Michael Clemens and Hannah Postel provide a nice synopsis, including a visualisation, of why seasonal labour mobility is a win-win development tool (picked up by the Economist here).
  • Renowned development statistician and communicator Hans Rosling has recently passed away. This video played a large part in inspiring my love of development data.


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