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Aid links: bad weather for the Rohingya, Oxfam scandal, more

Rohingya forced to abandon their only shelter during landslides, floods, and unexpected events.

Photo: UNICEF/ Flickr
Photo: UNICEF/ Flickr
Published 21 Nov 2018   Follow @AlexandreDayant

  • Seven UN peacekeepers and 12 Congolese soldiers have been killed in clashes with militias in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • After the Oxfam scandal, the peak body for the aid sector – the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) – commissioned an independent review earlier this year that reports dozens of sexual misconduct cases. The review finds victims of abuse by humanitarian workers included children. 
  • In this article, Seam Mantesso discusses the impact of cheap Chinese loans on poor nations around the world.
  • The UN International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has upgraded structures in Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps to better protect refugees affected by landslides, floods, bad weather, or other unexpected events that would force them to leave their own shelters.
  • Buvinic, Montalvao, and Copley summarise two experiments in Tanzania and Indonesia that tried to increase the use of mobile savings technologies and also offered business training to female entrepreneurs – the programs increased savings, but had no detectable effect on business outcomes over the short run.
  • In this podcast of Ufahamu Africa, Abdulbasit Kassim talks about religion and Boko Haram in Africa.
  • In this piece, Joakim Levy explains how Islamic finance can boost infrastructure development.
  • In this blog, Mikaela Gavas explains the conundrum in which development agencies are, where they face more interconnected development challenges in a world that is more nationalist and protectionist.

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