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Allison Sonneveld

Dr Allison Sonneveld is a researcher at the Directorate of Future Land Warfare in Australian Army Headquarters. She holds a PhD in international relations from the University of Tasmania, focusing on energy security and maritime security in the Malacca Strait. Her current research explores issues in science and technology in Southeast Asia.

Allison’s views expressed here are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence, or the Australian Government.


Articles by Allison Sonneveld (1)

  • The science of Australia's ASEAN engagement

    Stephen Grenville warns that Australia should identify new avenues of interaction with ASEAN. With the first US-ASEAN summit being held in Sunnylands this week, it is possible Australia could miss out on the region’s progress. One option is to exploit Australia’s strengths in science and technology (S&T). Australia’s strong research base combined with ASEAN’s entrepreneurship could result in a multitude of mutually beneficial initiatives.