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Cynthia Banham

Dr Cynthia Banham is based in the Centre for International Governance and Justice at the Regulatory Institutions Network (Regnet) at the Australian National University. She has worked as a lawyer and a journalist, and has more than a decade's experience as a senior journalist working in the Canberra press gallery, covering foreign policy and defence issues for The Sydney Morning Herald. She was also a Visiting Fellow/Journalist in Residence in the ANU International Relations Department.

Articles by Cynthia Banham (2)

  • CIA torture: What did Australia know?

    As the fall-out from the US Senate Intelligence Committee report into the CIA's torture program continues, what has been the reaction from America's allies? The CIA torture report, long awaited and much debated, removes all doubt, lest anyone still harboured any, that America tortured detainees in the 'war on terror' in the most horrific of ways. Australia and the UK, remember, were implicated in America's treatment of detainees and in its undermining of the international-law principle prohibit