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Derry Hogue

Derry Hogue was a long time foreign editor of The Australian Financial Review, a foreign editor of The Australian and has also worked in the UK.

Articles by Derry Hogue (4)

  • Brexit: Unknown forces unleashed by outcome

    In just over 90 hours after the UK's excruciating referendum vote to leave the EU, the politically shattered British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was due to go to Brussels to attend a long-planned EU leaders summit. Instead of celebratory champagne, he and his fellow EU confreres will be bracing themselves to face the dangerous forces unleashed by the British outcome. The instability from Brexit was already underway as the results began trending to the official Leave result.
  • Facts take flight; rhetoric takes over

    Boris Johnson, former London Lord Mayor, tilter for the next British prime ministership, and all round consummate public player, may not have expected to have Geert Wilders as a political bedfellow. Wilders, the ultra–nationalist, anti–Islamic Dutch populist, has joined Johnson in harking back to 1940s Europe to make the case for the UK to leave the EU. Wilders,  once banned from entering the UK because of his extremist views is now topping the polls in the Netherlands, reflecting the rise of s
  • Brexit: Inside the UK's think-small mentality

    There are so many dates to choose from to calibrate the rise of little England to middling England to Britain and Great Britain’s empire. Charting the fall is quicker and easier. The present British Prime Minister, David Cameron is not deluded about Britain’s place in the world and he knows of the humiliating point that marked the final decline of one era and the start of another phase in Britain’s (or is that England’s?), long history. Near Christmas in 1976 the Chancellor of the Exchequer Deni