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Geoffrey Wade

Geoff Wade is a Visiting fellow at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University.

Articles by Geoffrey Wade (3)

  • Malaysia's next 50 years (part 2): A fulcrum or fault line in Southeast Asia?

    Yesterday's post described the exclusion of non-Malays from virtually every aspect of public life in Malaysia and the increasing dissatisfaction of Malaysians in the Bornean states with Kuala Lumpur. These are not simply domestic matters. Neighbouring states and global powers are closely watching the evolution of the Malaysian polity as it moves further towards crisis.
  • Malaysia's next 50 years (part 1): Domestic ethnocratic concerns

    The MH370 tragedy has left us with many enigmas, but it has also revealed to the world a fact Malaysians have always known: an administration produced by an ethnocratic system will be mediocre or incompetent. In trying to understand how and why Malaysia operates as it does, it is essential to look back 50 years, to the origins of the modern state, and to the apartheid system which has been gradually erected since 1963.  The year 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the creation of Malaysia.