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Indi Hodgson-Johnston

Indi Hodgson-Johnston works in the area of marine research at the University of Tasmania. Her PhD is in international law at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies and the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC, in the area of the laws of sovereignty, territorial acquisition, territorial disputes, and boundaries. Her broader research area includes the laws of Antarctic environmental protection, illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing in the Southern Ocean, regional development policies and politics in Antarctic industries, and general security factors in the South. She previously worked in Southern Ocean fisheries enforcement and other security roles, holds commercial maritime qualifications, and has provided legal advice in the maritime security area.


Articles by Indi Hodgson-Johnston (2)

  • In Antarctica, let's just concentrate on the science

    Earlier this week, in response to CSIRO's decision to slash its Antarctic science programme, The Interpeter posted 'Australia’s Antarctic Nightmare' by Dr Neil Hamilton. The post used dangerously simplified legal argument to conclude successive cuts to Australia’s science programme in Antarctica will lead to international discord on our southern flank. Panic as a nation should not be based on a discourse of alarmist headlines and narrow legal arguments over Antarctic sovereignty.