Jaehyon Lee

Dr Lee is a research fellow and director of the Center for ASEAN and Oceania Studies at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies. Prior to joining the Asan Institute, Dr Lee was a research fellow at the Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies and a visiting professor at the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security at the Korean National Diplomatic Academy. He writes extensively on international relations in Southeast Asia, ASEAN, and regional cooperation in East Asia. His research interests include Southeast Asian politics and international relations, regional cooperation in East Asia, and non-traditional and human security issues in general.   
He is the author of multiple articles, and his most recent publication is “Transnational Natural Disasters and Environmental Issues in East Asia: Current Situation and the Way Forward in the Perspective of Regional Cooperation”. He received a BA and an MA in political science from Yonsei University and a PhD in politics from Murdoch University in Australia. 

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