Jenny Bloomfield

Jenny Bloomfield was a career officer with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for 29 years, and was most recently Australia’s Representative at the Australian Office in Taiwan.

From 2011-14, Jenny was Australia’s Ambassador to Greece, with non-resident accreditation to Albania, Bulgaria and Romania. She also served as Counsellor and Head of the Political/Strategic Section, and concurrently Liaison Officer for the Australian Office of National Assessments, at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan (2006-09); accompanied her husband James Bloomfield on posting at the Australian Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2003-06); and was Third, later Second Secretary (Political) at the Australian Embassy in Tehran, Iran (1997-99).

Jenny was DFAT Victoria State Director in Melbourne from 2016-19, leading DFAT’s domestic diplomacy and business engagement in Australia’s second largest state.  In Canberra, Jenny’s positions included Assistant Secretary of DFAT’s Middle East Branch (2010-11), Assistant Secretary, Human Rights and Gender Equality Branch (2014), and Acting First Assistant Secretary and Head, Office for Women, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (2015).

Jenny holds a Master of Arts (Foreign Affairs and Trade) from Monash University and Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Letters from the University of Melbourne. Jenny is a first-generation Greek migrant to Australia and was the first female and the first Greek-born Australian Ambassador to Greece. Jenny was awarded the Hellenic Republic’s Star of Merit and Honour for outstanding contribution to Australia-Greece relations and the Friendship Medal of Diplomacy for her contributions to Australia-Taiwan relations.   Jenny  speaks fluent Greek, as well as Mandarin, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian and Farsi.

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