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John McCarthy

John McCarthy is the National President of the Australian Institute of International Affairs and has served as Australian Ambassador to Vietnam (1981-1983); Mexico (1985-1987); Thailand (1992-1994); the United States (1995-1997); Indonesia (1997-2000) Japan (2001-2004) and High Commissioner to India (2004-2009). He is currently Chair of the Australia-India Council, Deputy Chair of the Australia-India Institute, Chair of the Advisory Board of the Griffith Asia Institute and Co- Convenor of the Australia -Indonesia Dialogue. He is also involved in the private sector.

Articles by John McCarthy (2)

  • A few reflections on embassies

    In conjunction with the recent launch of the Lowy Institute's Global Diplomacy Index, we present a series of pieces on embassies and embassy experiences. Australian High Commissioner Margret Twomey and Fijians affected by Cyclone Winston, 25 February 2016 Globalisation — and the communication revolution which has both driven it and been encompassed by it — has meant that the world is smaller.  It is argued we don't need embassies to know what is happening abroad and we can have experts travel al